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We meet via Zoom for 30 or 15 minutes
Together with your partner or alone

Place: online in the privacy of your own home

Talk to me about your fertility issues of Body, Mind & Soul – Work with me

Are you longing for a baby to become a family, but you’d instead not go the route of hormonal medication and IVF? You need a fresh approach. Do you want to talk to a fertility specialist who only recommends IVF/ICSI if that is the necessary way? Do you fear another pregnancy loss, and you’d like another approach than the usual “Oh, that just happens; try again. You’re still young!

Are you fed up with short appointments with your doctor, long waiting times to be referred to a specialist or unhappy with standard therapy procedures? Do you need a second opinion and a new view?

Are you tired but have trouble relaxing, difficulties trusting your body and lost hope on the way? Do you want to be more relaxed, full of hope, with a positive mindset and become more fertile? Do you want to know whether hypnosis will work for you? Do you want to combine mental and energy work and modern reproduction medicine but do not know how to use both fields best?

Would you’d love an experienced natural gynaecologist to take the time to listen to your and your partners’ medical history. Get a holistic assessment or consultation for your fertility challenges, and let me point out the next steps that will help you both to become more fertile?

work with me

Then I am your woman!

You can book below a Zoom call for 30 or 15 minutes with me for a consultation, second opinion or complete fertility assessment.

If you want to work intensely with me for the next three months either in my private practice in Kiel, starting with a half-day intensive – the Precious Pregnancy Day – and online follow-up appointments or solely online with consultations and hypnofertility, my prices sit between 2500,- and 10.000,- €


  • You tell me where you stand in your fertility journey: right at the start or after multiple rounds of IVF/ICSI.
  • Where are your problems? Fibroids, Endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD, subpar sperm count of your partner? Body, mind or both? Guilt about a lost pregnancy, fear, mood swings and the feeling you lost control over your life, especially before your period is due?
  • What was checked, what is missing (in your eyes)
  • Do you feel a baby is waiting for you in the wings, but your alignment is off?
  • I tell you what next steps are due, what you need for your child to arrive at the right time on the right way.


  •  30 or 15 minutes of undisturbed time with Dr Dorothee Struck
  • Analysis of your fertility issues & health problems
  • Consultation about your necessary treatment – depending on your issues, herbal medicine, changes in diet etc.
  • Discussing your options with pros and con
  • only for 30-minute appointments:
    • Suggestibility test if you are unsure about hypnosis
    • If necessary short stress reduction that leaves you more resilient

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Booking your Consultation on Zoom

Tell me about your Fertility journey, and get a second opinion or advice on how to bring your baby on the way. Do you need an in-depth consultation or is it a special topic you want to discuss? Just choose the duration and we´ll meet on Zoom.

If this month no free slots are available, please check the next month. Please first choose the month, the day and the time to book. You can reschedule up to 24 hours before the appointment at no cost through the email you will receive. Please note:  In case of cancellation of the appointment later than 24 hours before the meeting is about to start, the total amount will be due. There is no VAT on Doctors’ fees under German law. 

Work with me Work with me Work with me Work with me Work with me Work with me