Positive Gynaecology

What we focus on, will amplify! Thus I focus on the tremendous self-healing abilities of every human body.


The Ladies

Our bodies are incredibly wise and resilient, geared to procreation.

To welcome babies into the world, we have to find the root cause of fertility challenges. Once you know the reason, we can specifically treat it:

  • About half the cases of suspected PCOS turn out to be a stress arrest of the ovaries
  • In endometriosis and adenomyosis, we often find a strong dysbiosis in the gut.
  • Underneath irregular cycles and premenstrual syndrome, physical or mental problems often hide.

All these can be tackled with herbal medicine, diet, and hypnosis in most cases.

The Gents

A genuinely holistic approach takes account of both parents.

What is the root cause of poor sperm mobility or low numbers?

  • Stress can be one culprit leading to subpar sperm count or sexual problems like erectile dysfunction right around ovulation time.
  • Gut dysbiosis can be one answer to why micronutrients are not absorbed properly.
  • High levels of toxic heavy metals in the body and other physical problems can be a culprit.

Thorough lab testing and resolving negative beliefs can help. Herbal medicine to counteract stress, supplements, lifestyle changes and hypnosis can help.

Get In Touch

We take time to unravel your next three steps towards welcoming your baby together.

What will help your baby to come to you?  I run a practice, not a fertility clinic, I do not treat symptoms.

Plus have no financial interest to push you in the direction of (another) round of IVF or ICSI.

I am an experienced holistic fertility gynaecologist; connect with me!

You can book your online fertility assessment today. One hour just you and me or together with your partner: online in the privacy of your own home.

The Best Gyno Ever


No gynaecologist ever before told me that I have a “beautiful uterus”, pointed out everything that works well before pinpointing the bits that weren’t.

After two years of waiting for a pregnancy, my confidence was in pieces. My husbands’ sperm were few but said to be just OK. Well, after some tweaking and bitter-tasting herbs, I had within two months perfectly fertile mucus and got pregnant the next cycle. By the way, he got some herbal medication too.

- Lisa Müller, Hannover

Positive Gynaecology

First diagnosis, then bespoke treatment!

I want to listen

I want to listen

to your whole medical story, not just your symptoms

I want to see

I want to see

not only your lady parts, also your pelvic position and more

I want to know

I want to know

more than lab results such as AMH, LH and TSH.

Happy Parents

All around a practice of excellence

Dr Struck helped us successfully within a short time after long years of waiting.

Holistic, trustworthy, purposeful and precise. Probably the most experienced doctor you could wish.

I can say from my experience that the long way from the south of Germany was well worth it. All of the staff were very welcoming.

My heartfelt thanks to you, dear Dr Struck!

- Sabrina L, Munic

Unbelievably good care

I have been with Dr Dtruck for several years and have experienced nearly everything possible in the realm of family planning. From our first Idea of starting a family, one early and one late loss of pregnancy and two successful pregnancies.

I felt the competence paired with empathy; I felt very well cared for. Dr Struck is always positive and confident and gave me hope that everything will end well – which it always did! When she suggested Hypnotherapy during my last pregnancy, I was sceptical at first. But it helped!

You will know that she is passionate about her profession: big recommendation!

-Meli B., Kiel


Esmarchstrasse 1a, 24105 Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany