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Setting sails to reclaim Fertility

You want to become a family, a complete family. Do you want to get pregnant, stay pregnant, trusting that your kid comes to you at the right time, the right way? You want your precious pregnancy, enjoy it, and finally hold your little bundle of joy?


Welcome to Precious Pregnancies,

my way to help couples to become parents as naturally as possible. A different approach to infertility treatment than usual. Because the typical way works for some, not for all. My method is threefold, combining modern medicine with hypnosis and spirituality. It is easy to get lost on the long way to becoming parents; take a moment, breathe in deeply, breathe out and let go.

The most important words of all are „let go“! Easier said than done when you are on the hamster wheel of fertility issues.


You can´t control fertility, but you can regain control over your life!

You are striving to gain control over a body that fails you? Beforehand, the left-brain approach worked well: to study, learn, function, and excel at what you do in life. Your job, your partner, your social life: Check! Your life is ready for a baby, yet the crib and your arms are empty. When the usual approach fails, there is more: Let me guide you into a realm of fertility, the kingdom of your mind and myth. Just for some minutes, as long as it takes to read this article and listen to the song. Pause, breathe, listen!

„If you are in a hurry, make a detour“

(Japanese Proverb)

Fertility is more than numbers and statistics.

Let me distract you away from facts and numbers. You have probably been trawling the internet for more knowledge about the female cycle, endometriosis, PCOS or any other diagnosis you may have. And on subpar sperm count too. Jep, I know a lot about all this; being a Gynaecologist, with nearly 30 years in the field, have written my contributions to many a medical textbook, and been a speaker at national gyno conferences. I don´t want to fill your head with more facts. To quote one of my midwives: „No woman ever got pregnant with her head!“

The CEO of our hormonal system, the hypophysis, sits in the head. Underneath the Hypothalamus and the old parts of our brains. Jep, exactly there, not underneath the rational grey matter. Under the areas beneath the „critical faculty“ of daytime consciousness. That part, which we reach in hypnosis, can be touched too with stories. Tales that aim to the old parts, tapping into our subconsciousness. The shared wisdom of fertile women over the ages.

We need both sides of the brain, left and right. We need the sun and the moon, bright light and darkness, waking and sleeping, doing and not-doing. As well as seeds need the dark earth, we need to rest, to pause to be fertile. Ovid wrote over 2000 years ago:

„A field that has rested gives a beautiful crop.“

There is a method in this: body and mind are interconnected. They influence each other. There is no need to push too hard; the door to fertility opens to the inside. So lean back, listen to my tales* and to my music.


Precious Pregnancies, a journey into archetypes of fertility

You will meet ancient Greek Goddesses like Artemis. Most know her as the female deity of the hunt, the forest and the moon. But she is also the Patron of Birth, of midwives and women in general. You will meet the Norns who weave our fates as told in the Scandinavian sagas of old. You will hear tales of Buddhist pilgrimages and music. As music speaks to our soul, a lot of music helps to express emotions. I love music! Music can be uplifting or cathartic, we need both on our way to navigating the stormy waters of fertility challenges.

Like fertility can not always be caught most directly but found in unexpected places. Thus I set sails with Leaves´ Eyes, a band I´ve seen and heard in Wacken 2018. Their CD „Vinland“, the saga of Leif Erikson finding America instead by accident, looking for another place initially. Vinland tells of new beginnings, reaching shores never reached before. Set sails tonight with Leaves´Eyes and „Across the Sea“.

I love the voice of Elina Siirala and the meticulousness the band is known for in studying nordic history. Like my fertility treatments are well-founded in science and learning. Once the foundation is sound, you can play and replenish your soul, mind and body. What is your favourite song that heralds new land in sight?

Yours Dr Dorothee Struck

Kiel, the 22.02.2022

Dr Dorothe Struck Gynaecologist and Hypnofertilitist

Dr Dorothee Struck – Gynecologist and clinical Hypnotherapist

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