Hypnosis & Fertility

HypnoFertility has many benefits for my patients,

it helps the body and mind to regulate and heal itself.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) to disclose the root cause &

3Keys® HypnoFertility to install the firm belief that your baby will come to you on the right way in the right time


Fertility & Hypnotherapy

Body and mind are interdependent; they influence each other. Grappling with fertility issues can have a detrimental effect on our emotions and, in cue, also on our bodies. Stress can disturb the menstrual cycle and impair sperm function. With the help of hypnosis, we can lighten the load and give the body direction to regulate itself and heal.

Since I added hypnotherapy to my fertility treatments, the pregnancy rate of my patients has been rising. Additionally, the couples tell me how much easier life is, even if they do not get pregnant straightaway.

The beautiful thing is that you do not have to do anything special with hypnosis. We will meet every two to three weeks, and then you will get your audio recordings from the session. You listen to them while falling asleep, taking a nap, you can lean back, your subconscious will take the positive images and messages of your unfolding fertility. It is not one more item on the daily to-do list you have to toil over.

I use hypnotherapy for a lot of different issues from endometriosis-related pain, resolving trauma so often lying beneath premenstrual symptoms, erectile dysfunction and reconnecting women to the divine feminine within them.

Three facts about HypnoFertility

IVF Sucess

Higher Fertility

Hypnosis gives you higher chances for conception in every cycle whether you are trying a natural way or using IVF/ICSI.

Science shows that couples using hypnosis, succeed to become pregnant in over 70%, even if they had failed infertility treatment before.*

Mindset Hypnosis HypnoFertility

 Healthy Mindset

A better mindset sets you up for higher fertility. It gives you a better self-esteem and more control over your life.

Plus, HypnoFertility helps you deal far better with negative emotions such as “belly-envy”. You get more control over your thoughts and feelings.

relaxed woman listening to hypnosis recording


HypnoFertility takes the stress out of fertility challenges. Hypnosis gives you deep relaxation and better sleep. 

Relaxation feels so good, and it helps fertility, for stress lowers progesterone levels, can interfere with egg maturation, disrupts cycles and more. 

Sessions Available Online And In The Private Practice In Kiel

HypnoFertility Induction via Eyes
Dr Dorothe Struck Gynaecologist and Hypnofertilitist
Taking notes during HypnoFertility session Dr Struck

Combining Three Schools Of Trainig

3 Keys HypnoFertilitist Dr Dorothee Struck

3 Keys® HypnoFertility & HypnoBirth trained by Lynsi Eastburn

Dr Dorothee Struck certified Hypnotherapist RTT

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) by Marisa Peer

IACT certified Hypnotherapist

International Association of Counselors & Therapists

Are you wondering why you don’t see loads of cute baby pictures here?

I work with many women who come to me after repeated pregnancy losses. Seeing the belly bumps and cuties can be disturbing and traumatic if you are trawling the internet looking for help. You will not find a “hall of fame” in my waiting room for the same reasons. Sitting there, waiting for your first appointment, you should not have to face these images. After a few sessions with hypnosis, you will feel more confident and can utilize images for your fertility.


You are in safe hands here in the practice. We take great care to make each step of your fertility journey gentle. 

*Psychotherapeutic intervention with hypnosis in 554 couples with reproductive failure, Rajni Vyas et al Journal of Indian Medical Association, 2013 Mar;111(3):167-9, 173. PMID: 24592756


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