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  • cycle or your husband’s subpar sperm count,
  • lack of libido or lack of hope that you ever will be a mother?
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After over 25 years in the field, I know well that there are no stupid questions, and by the way, we even do not ask for your full name.

“Incredible, you can ask her anything! And Dr Struck explains everything clear. As an example of how hormones work in Hashimoto, the Oxford rowing team is incredible. Finally, I understood what my body needs. Dr. Struck answered all of my Fertility Questions, and some I even did not think of from other women in the call.”

Who does not ask,

will never get answers!


So throw your most burning

Fertility Questions at me.


Dorothee Struck Examination room ultrasound antenatal care

Monday evenings, after closing down for patients

I sit down to answer questions from women from all around the world, and I love sharing my experience!

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