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to prepare when the worst has happened


Stillbirth free hypnosis audio course

You planned your birth

and now all your dreams were shattered:

  • your baby died in your womb,
  • or you got a terrible diagnosis and had to go through the decision for a medical termination

With only a few hours to prepare for labour induction to go into a stillbirth, you need a birth preparation class that helps your body and mind. You can even use this tool if you are already in the hospital.

This course contains a free hypnosis audio download and some resources to support your body.

This course came into being as one of my patients had to go through this in 2021. She asked me to build a free resource to use for all women in the same dire place, and I followed.

“I was shellshocked when my baby boy died in my womb at 28+5 weeks of gestation. I read so many books on HypnoBirthing beforehand, and all only covered a happy, positive live birth; so frustrating.

My midwife pointed out this course, and my body reacted extremely fast to the meds after listening for the audio several times before and in the labour room. The hospital staff told me it was extraordinary how swift my cervix dilated for a first baby in this early week. It still hurts like mad, but I was grateful to find support like this.

What is Hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is a naturally relaxed state that uses the power of the subconscious mind.

Nothing more. 

Hypnosis for Stillbirth

How much time requires this course

It only takes about one hour to go through the contents and listen to the audio undisturbed for the first time. Then you listen to it as often as you feel like it. 

And after giving birth to the baby that you will always carry in your heart but not in your arms, you find helpful tips from over 30 years in my work in obstetrics. 

Free Online Course

From an experienced Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

My heart goes out to you!